Terra Hill is a sustainable hilltop retreat

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The property is situated at the top of a hill, in the dense forest Kent Ridge Park is luxury freehold condo Terra Hill, that has captured the hearts of the judges with it to win the Sustainability Award in the EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards (EPEA) 2023. It is located in the vicinity of Yew Siang Road in Pasir Panjang The luxury property achieves a balance between design and environmental sustainability. The eco-friendly facilities and design elements are in harmony with the natural surroundings including the park and the adjacent Greater Southern Waterfront. The condo also has a green area ratio of 8.40.

J’Den singapore price for the acquisition of the former JCube Mall by CapitaLand, Singapore’s leading property developer, this new residential development offers residents unparalleled convenience.

Terra Hill is located on the site that was once home to the former Flynn Park condo. It has a net floor space of 314,490 sq feet and includes nine 5-storey blocks that comprise 270 units. They include two- and three-bedroom apartments that range from 624 to 1,335 square feet; four-bedders ranging from 1 302 to 1,862 square feet plus five-bedroom penthouses with 3,035 square feet.

Although construction is still in progress and progressing, over a third of the condominium’s units have been sold. At the time of the official launch of the project on Feb. 25 and 26, joint venture co-owners Hoi Huup and Sunway Developments sold 102 units. Based on caveats filed in September 22nd, the total of 105 units had been sold, resulting in an average take-up of 38% and an average of $2,670 per sq ft.

Green building

Associate Partner of ADDP Architecture Tang Kok Thye, one of the judges for EPEA 2023 The statement reads: “The sustainability of a building is based on its processes like air conditioning and lighting system as well as how they save power.” In the same vein, Terra Hill provides energy-efficient five-tick air conditioning in its buildings and electric vehicle parking. The condo also has solar panels to help cover the power requirements for common areas. The condo also offers an electronic waste bin for electronic and electrical appliances that have been disposed of.

Sustainability also plays a significant role in the landscape of the development that was developed by the landscape designer STX Landscape Architects. The project takes advantage of the rugged terrain that lie in the mountains to form a terraced, sloping landscape that includes five distinct landscape zones. The site is maximizing its location near its Greater Southern Waterfront by dotting the vantage points with 5 distinct spaces for community use that have the lush vegetation that covers its landscape. To add to its lush greenery are lakes that resemble lagoons and streams that cascade water features over the entire landscape. The result is a style which seamlessly integrates Terra Hill with its surrounding natural landscape and features amenities which mimic the natural elements that are found in a forest hill area.

Strong biophilic design

The design was created by architectural firm P&T Consultants with biophilic principles in mind, influenced by the hills and the natural surroundings Hoi Hup Realty’s chief manger Koon Wai Leong. He adds that Terra is a reference to “earth”. “There was a quick recognition of the lush and green environment which Terra Hill sits on. We made the decision early to develop an original landscape design by terracing the zones of the landscape from low to high in order to reflect that of the surrounding terrain.” But the secluded site was a challenge for our team to deal with. “The terrain was an excellent element, but it also created an enormous challenge during the building. There were a lot of resources been gathered to work on the sloped terrain.”

Beyond the design The eco-conscious idea extends to encouraging the development of ecologically sustainable natural surroundings. This is accomplished by planting native plants across Terra Hill to create green areas and pathways which lead to the adjoining Kent Ridge reserve for birds as well as butterflies and other insects. The species, colors the textures, and shapes of plants have been carefully chosen to fulfill the dual goals of encouraging ecological harmony as well as supporting the overall green design for the entire project.

Terra Hill takes “going green” literally by offering a range of natural colors for its apartments. Inside, the units are clean and have neutral shades like warm greys and deep browns as well as some charcoal grey. To complement the natural hues and textures, the right materials were chosen to construct the structures, like natural wood and stone. Buyers of homes will be able to take advantage of Terra Hill’s innovative approach to creating a biophilic style and luxurious living once the project is finished in 2026. be completed in 2026.